Hey, Candle Supply Pros!

Thank you for expressing interest in being a supplier of WIKDIT! 

After months of making final tweaks and improvements to our mold, completing our soft launch, and receiving positive feedback from makers all over the US, we are finally ready to begin taking on wholesale accounts just in time to gear up for the busy holiday season!

Here's what a few candle makers have said about WIKDIT: 

"First time using your product and we are IN LOVE!!! These vessels are exactly 3.5" in diameter, so using these centering devices couldn't have been easier. Wish I'd found them ages ago!" - Denver Candle Company 
"GREATEST win ever! How many more should I get? Haha! In love. Excellent job!" - Young Wild River Candle Company 
"SO happy with this purchase!" - Mason's Jar Candles 
"Thank you! I love the WIKDIT tool!" - Ozure Candles 
"It's quite inventive, very nifty!" - Conscious Candles 

It's time to say goodbye to clumsy metal brackets, popcicle sticks, pencils, clothes pins, chopsticks and crossed fingers. These options never fit more than one vessel perfectly! WIKDIT saves time and frustration - and in this business, that means money! 

WIKDITs are the solution to perfect wicks each and every time, regardless of how many different vessels the maker wants to use. WIKDIT truly is the last candle wick retention tool most makers will ever need!

If you're ready to offer WIKDITs to your candle makers, simply send us a message in the contact box. We will reach out to you shortly with pricing information!

Thanks, again, and look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Chelcee Cheers
Inventor & Owner: WIKDIT, LLC

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